Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Module 5

I really enjoyed this project, because it taught me a lot about the affects the Internet has had on our society (Business, Journalism and Personal). I have a new found interest in blogging, and now have a personal blog page. On my blog page I do some inspirational writing and also cover current events that interest me.
I feel this project is worthwhile for this class it may help many students understand modern communication.
I end this project realizing that my research had strongly supported my thesis. Blogging has significantly impacted the print journalism industry.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Module 4


Blog on Topic Above:


Someone's personal blog:

I found that when comparing the personal blog with the topic blog, personal blog tend to be alot more colorful and busy. While the topic blog wants most of your focus on the story they are covering. The topic blog usually wants to be taken seriously and leaves the attention grabbing to the words they have written and that only. You'll find more pictures and videos on a personal page than a topic page, although you might find the picture or video being discussed on a topic page(If this is the case it will be the only picture/video on the page).

What makes a good vanity page is covering things that the blogger is into this includes, Interests, hobbies, acomplishments. They tend to have movie reviews and other things that are of great concern to them. What makes a good topic blog page is one that is professional that covers a topic with facts with some but little opinion. Although most topic essays tend to be extremely biased because users get a chance to speak there mind. This approach tends to be really affective though and tends to draw more viewers.

On a one through five scale I feel that this research is a 3 neither supports nor unsupported thesis, although I was still very suprised with these particular results because the personal page was well put together . This research has not changes my thesis in anyway.

Module 3

Above the E-zine Article
Above the Blog News Website

I found that the E-zine article was definitly more professional than the Blog news website. The text was all formated exactly the same, to give the idea that the same person might have wrote the entire E-zine article but obviously that isn't the case. In the E-zine article there are dark professional colors, as to be taken seriously. As for the Blog news site it is light colored, and less professional looking yet it has serious topics.As far as finding these sites, the blognews was easier to find than the ezine.The blog was easier to read because it was easier for me to relate to the articles written.Both these links didnt cover the same issues.As I read from both these websites I felt that they were both credible and trustworthy.I still feel that a print issue of a newspaper is more credible than an enzine, just because print copies have been around longer than online issues.
I rate this research, with a 4 because I still feel this supports my thesis.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Module 2 Entrepreneurs

I found a link to 10 most Practical Blogs for entrepreneurs, it is a really useful resource for anyone starting their business idea, or someone who just needs to get their current ideas refined.Through this link anyone is able to read blogs of the most successful business owners and business writers. I think that these are very useful blogs, for new entrepreneurs to pick up ideas from other experienced entrepreneurs.

Check out the link yourself:

I think that there is many methods that entrepreneurs have available to them in order to market their business and their ideas. People can setup their own websites, advertisements, word of mouth, etc. Setting up websites, and spending money on advertisements can be very costly on a new business. I think by blogs many business can reach many, and it cuts down their costs on marketing tools. Through a blog a entrepreneur can sell a product or a idea by writting a journal directed to specific types of people, that would possibly be interested. A product can be sold by form of a journal presenting all the benefits, like presenting it infront of a audience of people that are learning about something new.



A entrepreneur can reach millions by journal form (blog) and attracting people with his/her personalized writting, there is no guidelines on how to write or present their information. By Blogs business owners can present whatever they want in their own personalized way without worrying about breaking any rules, or being judged.This is the freedom every entrepreneur should have, to express abd sell their products and ideas in their own creative way.
The sites i found support my thesis, so Id have to rate my research with a 4 because I feel that there is many sites out there in cyberworld that promote and support new entrepreneurs trying to expose themselves,I just couldnt find sites on those specifics.

Entrepreneurial blog


Blogs as a form of business promotion



I believe...

Blogging has significantly impacted the print journalism industry.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Blogging impacting Journalism

I am a first time Blog user, and I am already realizing how easily bloggers can have an effect on journalism. I have done some research on a few sites regarding the effects Bloggers have on news, and in my opinion it has has historic effects.In my research I found that the most wonderful thing about blogging is anyone can be a blogger.Literary anyone can become a blogger, any age group, no matter the ethnicity, educated, or not educated at all.Blogs are in a journal/diary type format, and most of the time very personalized. Alot of the times you can find links that lead you to sites with more information on the topic the blogger is discussing.Anyone can become a news reporter, or a writer through this method. Although there are some bloggers that post untrue information, there are many that post first hand information about current events occuring.It seems that many feel that the Media is loosing its credibility, and searching the web for more information. Bloggers are posting what they know, how they know it, and informing others to do more sharing and researching of what they know.

If you'd like more information on Blogging and how it has impacted Journalism, visit these links:




As I continue to do my own research, I am learning more and more on how Blogging is impacting our society and Journalism.

Where will Blogging take us next as a society?...Coming Soon( to be continued)

Hello :)

Hello everyone :) My name is Jannett Rodriguez. I am 22 years old and a college student at College of the Canyons, and a full time Personal Banker. I am currently enrolled in a "Media and Society" online class. I am majoring in Journalism, with pursuits to transfer to Cal State Northridge or to a local University. This "Media and Society" course has taught me so much, about media and how society is connected to it in many ways. It has given me a deeper understanding of media and how it works, and has only aspire me to continue to follow my dreams to become a part of the big world of Journalism.